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Services Offered

My RV School is a premier RV training school that offers premier training on an hourly basis at very competitive rates. We deliver valuable one-on-one training behind the wheel of your motorized or towable RV.  We provide a seminar prior to each training session and then follow that with training with you and your co-driver at your scheduled time slot.


We cover the following topics:

      Weighing your travel trailer, fifth wheel, and motorized RV

     Safe operation behind the wheel

     Staying safe while on the road

     Hitching and unhitching of trailers/tow car

     Proper turning techniques

     Backing into a campsite

     Towing a trailer/car

     Setting up/tearing down at a campsite

     Tire safety

     RV care

     RV maintenance

     Proper holding tank maintenance

     How to use the equipment in the RV


My RV School offers customized training built for your specific needs.  We have an instructional designer that can develop any training that you request.  Please call us for a specialized training quote. 

We offer a concierge service that includes a driver to deliver and set up your customers motorized RV coach when and where need. 

We also offer seminars for your group, rally, or campgrounds.




 ​           FROG Rally in Elkhart, IN, August 6-12, 2017. Click here to sign up for Hands on Driver's Training


​     Good Sam Rally in Perry, GA September 14-17, 2017.



            RVing Women in Goshen, IN October 17-22, 2017.  Click here to sign up for Hands On Driver's Training



                              SMART Rally in Rayne, LA, October 25-29, 2017. Click here to sign up for Hands On Driver's Training